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The Gathering considers it a privilege to support several missionaries.  Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are sacrficially serving God by serving others.

Big Lake Missions Outreach, Okeechobee FL

Bruce & Mary Ann Swinford started Big Lake Missions Outreach in 1995 to help the homeless in our community in any way they could.  They are now reaching out to over 15,000 (documented) homeless & needy each year.

They are a non-profit organization, licensed and chartered with the Association of International Gospel Assemblies (A.I.G.A.).

Services provided:
  • Hot home-made meals five day a week
  • Referrals
  • Food Pantry
  • Small household items
  • Clothes closets
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Help victims with burned out homes
  • Bibles (English & Spanish)
  • Thanksgiving baskets & meals
  • Christmas baskets
  • Annual Toy Give-a-way; since December 1995
  • Winter blankets, jackets & sweaters
  • School supplies
Contact infomation: Call (863)763-5725
Donations may be sent to:
Big Lake Missions Outreach
PO Box 1663
Okeechobee, FL 34973-1663

 Chuck and Joan Dewing
Friends of the Ministry and longtime missionaries to the Philippines, Chuck and Joan have launched into the Port Missionary Ministry. They have found that the cruise ships around the world have many Filippinos on board.   Chuck and Joan have found favor and have been given permission to board the ships when they dock. They have been able to establish a church service for the crews. They are presently establishing a base on the island of Malta, which is located off the northern coast of Africa. 

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Freeman and Shelly Nettles
In Haiti since June 2006, the Nettles work alongside Youth With A Mission to bring the gospel to the residents of St. Marc.  Freeman runs a discipleship program for young men, informally called Le Programme (The Program).  His goal is to build Godly character and a strong work ethic through both group and individual program activities.  Meanwhile, Shelly has a heart for children, running a Kid's Church on Sundays and spending time with kids during the week through neighborhood outreach activities.  Shelly is also active in the lives of young women through small groups and one-on-one relationships. 

They receive all the donations that are sent with a note attached saying that funds are for The Nettles Family

Send your donations to:

PO Box 236 | Akron, PA 17501

Faith Farms Ministries

Faith Farm Ministries is truly a place of grace serving a God of second chances.  Through classes students learn a new way of life with God at the center; also, they learn a new work ethic and vocational skills.  They receive love, grace, renewal, opportunity and a bright hope for tomorrow.

The ministry provides housing, food, clothing, life skills and spiritual training and a comprehensive Work Training (CWT) Program for up to 400 students in a free of charge Christ Centered Recovery Program.

Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee

The Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee was founded in 2008 and exists to serve anyone involved in a difficult pregnancy situation.  The staff and volunteers at their center genuinely care about the women and men who walk through their door and are eager to assist with all of your concerns.

The Goals of the Pregnancy Center of Okeechobee are to:

  • Provide education and support to people in our community as they make important decisions about pregnancy.
  • Create a safe, confidential and caring haven in which options can be provided for women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Provide practical services related to pregnancy, child rearing, and relationships.

Contact: 863.467.8748

Please visit their website by clicking here.



Real Life Childrens Ranch Okeechobee FL

Real Life Children’s Ranch exists to provide a Christian residential group home that cares for boys and girls who have been abused, abandoned, and/or neglected. Real Life Children’s Ranch is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization approved by the State of Florida. The children typically range in age from five to seventeen. Their goal is to give children the best possible care in a secure family atmosphere and to guide them into fulfilling and productive futures.

Real Life Children’s Ranch is not merely a facility to house abused and abandoned children, but it is a loving, caring environment where the children learn the richness of a well-rounded life. They have four beautifully constructed homes, each housing up to six foster children, the staff and their children. Each home has a set of full time professional parents which creates the basis for a consistent level of care proven successful because it so closely emulates family life. Our homes operate as a family doing things like grocery shopping, homework, meals, attending church and community activities together.

Furthermore, Real Life Children’s Ranch is one of the few places in the state designed to care for sibling groups. Sibling groups often have to be separated when they become part of the foster care system. When siblings placed in foster care have to be separated, this further contributes to the disruption and trauma they have already experienced. At Real Life Children’s Ranch they strive to keep siblings together, therefore a large percentage of the children in our care are sibling groups.

At Real Life Children’s Ranch, one of their most important missions is to build hope and character in children. In finding hope a child becomes able to look past the tragedies in their background and find motivation in a bright future. As a child’s character develops, he/she is able to make right choices regardless of their environment and/or circumstances. Real Life Children’s Ranch is committed to providing a stable, loving and learning environment for the children in their care.

Since the Ranch began in 1957, it continues to meet the highest standards for childcare. Since its inception, Real Life Children’s Ranch has had a tremendous success rate in turning the lives of hundreds of children into productive and useful members of society. Many of these children have maintained relationships with their Ranch family as adults.

Please visit their website by clicking here.


Nicky Bianchini is born to an Italian Father and a Jewish mother. In 1979 he was gloriously saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ from a life of drugs and crime on the streets of Chicago. In 1979 he moved to New Mexico and there met his wife "Birdie" and they were married in 1981 in Raton, NM. From 1981 to 1995 they Evangelized and were pastors of 2 churches. In 1995 they both moved to Florida under Gods direction. Under the same ministry name for almost 30 years ..."Miracle Restoration Revival" has been a blessing to many people across the states. In the year 2005 God directed them to minister among the people of India. During this time the Lord has given favor to the ministry to have many "water connections" called "Yeshua's Water of Life" that bring pure drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people in Andhra Pradesh India. The Lord blessed also to build a school in Vetapalem Village India that provides education to over 100 poor young children. A "Prayer Center" also has been built and  staffed where people call in and visit to receive prayer and deliverance for all kinds of needs. In March of 2008 a LIFE-LONG-DREAM of the India children and ourselves was fulfilled when the "House of Restoration Orphanage and Ministry Center" was built where orphans are sheltered, clothed, fed and educated in the ways of the Lord Jesus. Also this beautiful Center is used for traveling pastors, medical outreaches, feeding programs and other uses for the glory and furtherance of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. In a few short years "Miracle Restoration-India" has been raised up by the Lord Jesus Christ to minister to thousands of people in India. When Nicky and Birdie travel to India they conduct crusades and pastors conferences that have drawn up to 250 pastors from nearby villages and cities. Ministers and pastors have been licensed and raised up by the Lord and currently serve the Lord with MRR credentials. There are pa stores that work closely with the ministry in India that have many church branches such as Pastor Charles pastors, Pastor Ezekiel Nani, Pastor Nasariah (of the forests) and many others that work together with MRR to reach their villages and remote areas for the Lord JESUS. The church numbers and saints are growing in numbers all the time as the Word of the Lord is not bound by any means in the 1.1 billion people of India. In the short time the Lord has put a love in our hearts for the people of India and to be among them personally we have seen HIS HANDS reaching out in love to the people HE has sent us to in many miraculous ways.  Sincerely.....Nicky and Birdie Bianchini....we can be reached at....Miracle Restoration Revival,  Rev. Nicky Bianchini, P.O. Box 2762   Okeechobee, FL  34973   863-467-7037  fax--863-467-4217  cell--863-447-1795   e-mail- 

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How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed?

And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? 

And how shall they hear without a preacher? 

And how shall they preach, except they be sent?

As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!


- Romans 10:14-15