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Real Life Childrens Ranch Okeechobee FL

Real Life Children’s Ranch exists to provide a Christian residential group home that cares for boys and girls who have been abused, abandoned, and/or neglected. Real Life Children’s Ranch is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization approved by the State of Florida. The children typically range in age from five to seventeen. Their goal is to give children the best possible care in a secure family atmosphere and to guide them into fulfilling and productive futures.

Real Life Children’s Ranch is not merely a facility to house abused and abandoned children, but it is a loving, caring environment where the children learn the richness of a well-rounded life. They have four beautifully constructed homes, each housing up to six foster children, the staff and their children. Each home has a set of full time professional parents which creates the basis for a consistent level of care proven successful because it so closely emulates family life. Our homes operate as a family doing things like grocery shopping, homework, meals, attending church and community activities together.

Furthermore, Real Life Children’s Ranch is one of the few places in the state designed to care for sibling groups. Sibling groups often have to be separated when they become part of the foster care system. When siblings placed in foster care have to be separated, this further contributes to the disruption and trauma they have already experienced. At Real Life Children’s Ranch they strive to keep siblings together, therefore a large percentage of the children in our care are sibling groups.

At Real Life Children’s Ranch, one of their most important missions is to build hope and character in children. In finding hope a child becomes able to look past the tragedies in their background and find motivation in a bright future. As a child’s character develops, he/she is able to make right choices regardless of their environment and/or circumstances. Real Life Children’s Ranch is committed to providing a stable, loving and learning environment for the children in their care.

Since the Ranch began in 1957, it continues to meet the highest standards for childcare. Since its inception, Real Life Children’s Ranch has had a tremendous success rate in turning the lives of hundreds of children into productive and useful members of society. Many of these children have maintained relationships with their Ranch family as adults.

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